Serhat K., Uğur A., ​​Adem Ö. He came together at a workplace in Kartal, Esentepe District, Kızılırmak Street. According to the allegation, Ümit K. and Mustafa B., who were previously hostile to the issue of walking dogs in the neighborhood, raided the workplace with guns. The couple, who rained bullets, injured three people in the shop, and wanted to flee after their response from the inside. Meanwhile, Ümit K., who was shot and injured in his leg, got into the car with Mustafa B. and walked away from the scene. Health teams were informed about the three people lying in blood at the workplace where the citizens rushed to help in the neighborhood, which was riot by the rising gunfire. A large number of police teams were dispatched to the scene where the guards, who were on duty in the area that heard the gunfire, came and provided the first security.

Many police teams who came to the scene reminded the citizens of the “curfew” and made them return home. Street entrance and exit were closed to civilian vehicle entrance. It was stated that Serhat K., who was taken to Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital, was in danger of life, while the first response to the three injured in the shop, which was the target of the bullets, was done by the emergency medical teams. It was learned that Uğur A., ​​whose treatment was continuing in the same hospital, was in good health. Another person in the workplace who is the target of the bullets is Adem Ö. Kartal Dr. It was recorded that he survived the armed attack with minor wounds while being transported to Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital.

İÜmit K. was injured as a result of the response from inside the shop. The attackers, who fled the scene quickly, were detained by the hospital police the moment they had to come to the hospital. While it is learned that the injured Ümit K. is in good condition, why the fight broke out and why he returned to the armed fight after the operation will find an answer after the investigation process carried out by the police teams.

While the Crime Scene Investigation teams meticulously collected all the evidence, the residents of the neighborhood described those fearful moments as follows:

“We opened the window with the sound of the gunfire, and when I opened the window, we saw that two people came out of the shop. The person who went out eight or ten meters pointed the gun back to the shop, ran towards the shop and fired five or six shots inwards. Subsequently, he headed towards the commercial taxi, friends say They exited from there and ran away. One of the outgoing was already shot and bounced on. We saw the two people coming, they fired the first bullet inside. We shouted that we would run away, but he left the shop and shot back inside. Then they ran away. “

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