The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a 56-hour curfew with a circular issued, starting at 21:00 on Friday and ending at 05:00 on Monday. Markets and grocery stores and businesses selling food remained open. While the restraint was complied with in the vast majority of the dormitory, it turned out that some citizens violated the restriction by means of giving up. Those who made an appointment from a private hospital or blood center could easily pass through the checkpoints by showing the message they received on their phones.


Surgeon Professor at a private hospital in Bursa, whose views were included in the news of Meltem Özgenç from Hürriyet newspaper. Dr. Halil Özgüç stated that they have the same problem every week. Özgüç said, “In public hospitals, regular appointments cannot be made at the weekend. But private hospitals and doctor’s offices can accept patients. In many private hospitals, an appointment can be made via the Internet. Later, an SMS is sent to the citizen. When the person goes out and there is a check, he says ‘I go to the hospital’. We have also experienced the curfew, I go to the hospital on Saturday, a significant portion of the patients do not come. We are looking for excuses such as “I forgot, I will not come.” This is a bad abuse. We both work weekdays and get tired as a doctor, and also for our patients on the weekend. we come to the hospital, but this is a bad psychology. We feel used.


Home Office curfew restriction statement


The excuses of those who escaped from the quarantine and took to the streets were also astonishing. The coordinator of the isolation inspection team in Isparta, Dr. Hüseyin Baysan explained the interesting excuses of quarantine leaks as follows:

“We strictly control those in quarantine. For example, we have caught a family that is both positive and contact, begging. When those who violate the quarantine were caught, they mostly said, ‘I went to deposit my bill’, ‘I went to the bank to withdraw money’, ‘I went to the market to buy fruit, to get me vitamins’,’ We are all in quarantine. He takes shelter in excuses such as ‘I went out to buy bread’, ‘I went to fly a bird’.

However, none of them need to leave their house. Through 112, ‘Loyalty’ groups continue to work. It does the shopping for those in need. He deposits his bill, takes his money from his bank. All they have to do is stay home and apply the treatments given to them. They cannot violate quarantine for any reason other than that. One of the most frequently asked questions to us is whether a person in quarantine can attend the funeral of his relative. We say that he cannot attend the funeral in any way. It’s hard to say no to that. However, everyone should take their own responsibility, wear a mask and maintain social distance. This is the only way we can overcome this disease. ” yeni adresinden siteye hemen dahil olup, hesap açabilirsiniz. restbet sorunsuz bahis oynayabileceğiniz güvenilir bir sitedir.

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