The Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made a press release regarding the allegations that a convict in the Silivri Penal Institution was battered by the prison guards in some media organizations.

In the statement, “MAT who is a member of FETÖ / PDY in Silivri Penal Execution Institution, who was convicted and punished for ‘abolishing the constitutional order’ and Ö.Ç. It was determined by the camera records that they went out to the ventilation garden after the discussion and the discussion continued in the garden, and the debate turned into a mutual fight. ” expressions used.

In the statement that the fight was terminated as a result of the intervention of the people in the ward, the following information was shared about the incident:

“Both prisoners were injured in the fight. Upon the press of the button, the prison guards came and took the two detainees out of the ward. The detainee MAT kicked and injured the chief officer of the guard during the procedures. The statements of all parties, including the eyewitnesses about the incident, were reflected in the minutes. A judicial and administrative investigation was initiated regarding the incident, and the allegations of torture were unfounded. Investigations regarding all allegations are carried out meticulously. “

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