The statement said:

The United States, parts supply S-400 air defense systems today because we condemn the decision, including unilateral sanctions against it, and we refuse to explain and Turkey.

Turkey at the time of the S-400 systems are well known by anyone who refers to supply conditions. Indeed, President Trump himself has delivered a number of occasions Turkey’s rightfulness of it.

On the other hand, US claims that the S-400s will create a weakness in terms of NATO systems also lack a technical basis. Besides Turkey, by offering NATO will participate in the establishment of a technical working group for that matter, a ways away from the political bias of the matter, in an objective and realistic ground it has proposed to be addressed repeatedly.

In this respect, the US refusing to accept our proposal to resolve the issue through dialogue and diplomacy in a way that suits the two allies, and resort to unilateral sanctions is an act devoid of all kinds of permissions.

Turkey, negatively our relationship will take the necessary steps against this decision, which would inevitably affect, as it deems appropriate and will be found in the response timing. Turkey will not refrain from taking measures that it deems to be necessary to ensure national security.

In this spirit, the United States, today explained to reconsider this unjust sanctions and invites the grave and wrong to return as soon as possible, as a matter of Turkey in accordance with the alliance spirit, we are prepared to handle through dialogue and diplomacy, we emphasize once again . giriş sonrası hesap oluşturarak %100 bonus kazanıyorsunuz. restbet girişinizi yapıp, para yatırma sonrası depozit bonusu kazanabilirsiniz.

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