Allegedly, Serkan T., Sezgin Z. and one more person whose name was not known stole the 01 EBZ 35 car plate at noon. Upon the notice of the owner of the car, the police teams searched for the vehicle everywhere, and at 21:00 in the evening, the vehicle caught the turning on the Kozan road in Sarıçam district. Three people who did not obey the police ‘stop’ warning first escaped from Yüreğir, then Seyhan and finally from the ring road to Huzurevleri Mahallesi 77136 Street in Çukurova district. In the end, the people who stopped crashing into the police vehicle started to run away, this time. Sezgin Z. was caught in the garden of the apartment where he was hiding, Serkan T. on the street about 400 meters later, and the other person whose name could not be found was caught by police teams in the park where he was hiding.


Young girl screaming for help on social media!

Sezgin Z., one of the detained persons, asked the journalists’ Why did you run away from the police? ” We did not run away from the police. I was not driving the vehicle either. “I wanted to put the handbrake on and stop” while Serkan T. stated that he did not know that the vehicle was stolen and said, “I ran away because it was prohibited. I have nothing to do with stealing the car. We also damaged the property of the state, I regret it. I wouldn’t run away if it wasn’t forbidden. I have now learned that the other person who escaped was also on the run. ”The teams detained 3 people and took them to the police station.

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