The sentence of Alfred Bourgeois (56), who was convicted of murdering his own daughter, was executed by poisonous injection in the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Thus, the second death penalty was executed in the last week during the presidential transition period, which is called the lame duck period in the USA.

Bourgeois, who killed her 2-year-old daughter by hitting her head on the windows of the truck, denied the accusations of murdering her daughter and sexually harassing her while not apologizing before the execution.

Three more federal executions are planned in the weeks before Joe Biden, elected president in the US, takes office.

Although his lawyers argued that Bourgeois had an “IQ” level that could be considered in the mentally disabled category and was not suitable for the death penalty, the court approved the death penalty.

During the lame duck period in the country, death sentences were last executed in the 1890s during Grover Cleveland’s presidency.

In the US, the so-called lame duck period was the first time a death sentence was imposed on Thursday in 130 years.

If there is no change in these decisions, the highest number of executions in more than a hundred years will have occurred under Trump. The number of prisoners executed since July will also increase to 13.


The first in 130 years! ‘Trump will be the most executed president’

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