The incident occurred in the Türkocağı District of Seyhan district. According to the information received, Mehmetcan G. (25) and Veysel Emre (28) started to argue for an unknown reason.

The debate soon flared up and turned into a fight. Mehmetcan G. took his knife out of his pocket and after stabbing Veysel Emre’s throat, left the scene and went to the police station.

Mehmetcan G., who surrendered to the police, told the police that he stabbed a person and the location of the incident. Thereupon, the police and medical teams came to the scene. Health teams determined that Veysel Emre, who was lying motionless on the ground, died.

Veysel Emre’s lifeless body was taken to the morgue of the Adana Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy after the investigations at the scene.

On the other hand, while the police were investigating the crime scene, the citizens in the surrounding apartment stood on the balconies of their houses and watched the scene with curiosity.

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