Ahmet Ağaoğlu stated in his statement that a perception has been created regarding the wages paid to the managers over the last days, over the transfers they made during their term of office, “The manager fee paid for 27 player transfers in our period is 5.6 million Euros in total.” said.

“I want it to be especially known that we have no account that we cannot give.” Using the statement, Mayor Ağaoğlu continued as follows:

“When we took office 2.5 years ago, the financial situation of the club was obvious. From the day we arrived, we struggled to protect the rights and law of our club. So much so that by changing the statute, we held the managers personally responsible in case of spending above the budget approved in the general assembly. So our own financial” We brought our fair-play “. While we are being so sensitive about our expenditures, we cannot make sense that some circles persistently bring up these claims that are incompatible with reality.”

Emphasizing that all of the transfers were made upon the request of the monitoring committee or the technical delegation, Ağaoğlu said:

“On the other hand, the unpaid manager commissions for the previous periods were 17 million Euros. We paid all of these manager commission debts. The commission paid to the manager of only one player in the previous period was 1.3 million Euros. There is a 5.6 million euro manager fee consisting of the transfer, which means we paid a manager commission at the rate of 1/3 of the 17 million euro manager fee that we had to pay in the previous periods. “


The referees of the 13th week of the Super League have been announced


Emphasizing that they are aware of the perception they are trying to create, Ahmet Ağaoğlu said, “Even the trophies in our club’s museum were foreclosed due to the claims of the managers in the past. While all these are in the middle, we know very well for what purpose those who try to create this perception choose this way.” He spoke as.

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