Shkupi, who had 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the first 7 weeks of the season, did not see a defeat after Karan took over the team. Shkupi is in the second place with 31 points after the leader Shkendiya with 33 points in the league with 12 teams remaining in the 15th week.

Coach Ümit Karan, in his statement, reminded that they sweated in the UEFA Europa League with the team he took last season. Stating that they have a young and dynamic team, Karan stated that they have not been defeated since the day he took over the team.

Stating that they are aiming to become champions, Karan said, “I left my dream in half, I came to FC Shkupi 8 weeks ago to complete it. As a result, I represent our country here. We won 3 draws in 8 weeks and won 5 matches. My goal is this team in the Champions League. see.” said.


Ümit Karan emphasized that the best part of football is the goal. Explaining that he likes attacking tactics as a technical man, Karan said: “I get bored when there is no goal. Football means goal. I see that offensive football pays off. I have a 22-year-old football player, Dembo Darboe. He became a star with 15 goals in 15 games. There are also coaching offers from the teams, but I have not let anyone down, I will not let anyone down. The Direction Champions League. But of course we missed football without pandemics. Actually. We are missing out on the fields. I would like to thank all the people of the world who stand by and support their team no matter what. “

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