At the age of 65, visiting the two-storey house in Koyunlu village with his family elders, he saw a cube buried in the ground and the upper part of it was exposed under the stairs at the side entrance of the building. Ateş, examining the 70-centimeter-long cube covered with mud, came across grape molasses in it, which his mother guessed he had made years ago.

Having kept the cube containing molasses made from grapes grown in the region as a souvenir, Ateş wants to leave it to his grandchildren.

Mehmet Ateş stated that his father died in 1993 and his mother died in 1999 and that no one has lived in their house for years, and that he entered the house where he lived in high school years later with his older sister and nephews.

Explaining that they remembered childhood and youth memories while visiting the house, Ateş said:

“The key to our house was in one of our friends. My sisters said, ‘We want to see our father’s house. We were happy to come across the molasses prepared by our mother, whom we lost 21 years ago. We guess that the molasses was made in 1980-1990. My mother rolled up around the cube for long years. dark. “

Ateş added that the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry took samples from molasses and that analysis will be made.

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