According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, the meeting held by the Coronavirus Scientific Committee at 17.30 to discuss vaccination studies by video conference method has ended.

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, in his statement, said, “We received the good news of being a country where rubella disease was eliminated from diseases prevented by vaccination by WHO in a period when Kovid-19 vaccine preparations were the most intense. We are determined to show the same success in the fight against Kovid-19”. / p>

Koca “(Domestic vaccine) Phase I clinical study has come to an end and Phase II studies are being prepared.” said.

‘We are working hard’

“The Kovid-19 pandemic continues to die in our country, as it does all over the world. Our struggle with all our institutions continues,” Koca continued as follows:

“We hope to get the results of our citizens’ more meticulous compliance with the restrictive measures we have implemented in the last few weeks. As the Ministry, we are making an intense effort both in the implementation of the measures, and in the pursuit of the compliance and its results.”

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