US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement to SiriusXM radio that “I cannot say anything beyond that the Russians are constantly trying to infiltrate the servers of American government agencies and companies. We see the same, or even more, by the Chinese Communist Party and also by North Korea.”

Pompeo added that he is confident that confidential information can be protected.


US Department of Homeland Security also targeted cyberattacks

White House National Security Council Spokesperson John Ullyot announced in a written statement that a foreign government has infiltrated the systems of the Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration under the Department of Commerce.

In the news in the American press, it was stated that the issue of the leak was very serious and the National Security Council convened on Saturday.

On the other hand, the Washington Post newspaper claimed that behind the leak were hackers working under the Russian government.

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov, who denied the accusations against Russia, reminded that Russian President Vladimir Putin had previously offered cooperation in the field of cyber security to the United States. yeni hesap oluşturma işlemi sonrası %100 bonus kazanırsınız. restbet kayıt bonusu yüksek olup, güvenle işlemlerinizi sürdürebilirsiniz.

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