Ağcık, the father of 4 children living in Tağlı Tepealan District of Korgan district of Ordu, quit smoking for 30 years at the request of his family in 2017.

Agcık, 49, decides to save the money she spends for cigarettes every day, turned a dustbin at home into a piggy bank. Ağcık, who throws some money into the bucket every day, has saved more than 10 thousand lira in 3 years.

This accumulation provides convenience to Ağcık in some extra earnings payments such as the installments of the agricultural vehicle “pat pat” he bought.

Ağcık, who is a bargain in the district, said that by quitting smoking he both remained healthier and saved money.

Expressing that he has managed to fill the bucket with money three times so far, Ağcık said, “We close the lid of the garbage bin with tape. We opened a hole in the lid to put money. said.

Ağcık pointed out that he had been smoking for 30 consecutive years and said, “I wish I had quit earlier, I regret it. If I had saved 30 years, I would have two houses now.” used the expression.

Calling smokers to quit, Ağcık said, “I succeeded, they can succeed, too. If it is impossible, I could not quit because I drank for 30 years. So it can be quitted.” he spoke.

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