In the message published by President Erdogan, the following statements were included:

“In the 747th anniversary of his death, I commemorate the great Sufi, thinker and Islamic scholar Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi with mercy. I wish my Lord to witness us, our nation and all humanity, to be witnessed by Hazrat Pir. Despite the passage of 7.5 centuries, the secret that keeps Hazrat Mevlana “always fresh” is love and affection. Hazrat Mevlana, in his own words, “He chose love when there are many ways to reach Allah,” he spoke his words with love and brewed these lands with love. The advice of Prophet Mevlana, which was filtered from the heart-rest, erased sedition, mischief, envy, and helped establish a climate of brotherhood that transcended ages and borders. As a matter of fact, even 7.5 centuries after it was written, millions of people belonging to very different languages, religions and cultures enjoy its wisdom and seek peace and tranquility in the unique depth of the Mesnevî-i Şerif. As a nation, we praise Allah for having such a rich spiritual treasure that has come through centuries. On the other hand, when we look at all the poverty, misery, ignorance and conflicts in the world, we can see how much today’s people need Rumi’s message of peace and love. Blind ideologies that drive people to polarization and the world to polarization are dragging us all to a dangerous point. Especially in western societies, cultural racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia are spreading like a poison ivy. Our saints are targeted under the guise of freedom of thought; People are made hostile because of their belief, language and dress. In the face of this appalling Turkey Hazrat Pir’s human, love, peace, tolerance, we are the bearers of morality and virtue-centered advice blessed. With the inspiration we receive from Hazrat Mevlana, we extend our helping hand to all people regardless of their language, race and religion, and we strive for peace and justice to prevail in our region. We will continue to carry the torch of love, friendship and wisdom that Mevlana ignited, despite the modern era thieves, who know nothing but killing, massacring, and destroying. My Lord, I say that Rumi should not separate us from the path of science and love. With these thoughts, on the 747th anniversary of Seb-i Arus, I remember all our heartfelt sultans, especially Hazrat Mevlana, with mercy, and wish that the prayers, sema and evrâd-ı sheriffs to be made tonight will be accepted by God.


“It does not create any weakness”

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