In the second-hand market, where vehicles for every need can be found, there are so many options and dangerous situations that may arise make the buyers quite difficult in the decision-making process. While buyers who do not want to encounter any problems, scrutinize and touch frequently, mistakes can be made from time to time. Auto showroomer Mustafa Over, touched on the points to be considered when buying a vehicle.


Speaking of the 4 golden rules that should be considered with priority when buying a vehicle, Üstün said:

“Our first rule; We will send a message to 5064, the chassis number of the vehicle; We’ll write ‘Damage S chassis number’. We will see the damage record of our car. Our second rule; We will download the HGS application to our phone and make the vehicle’s past inspection query. Third rule; Whatever the car is, let’s take an auto expertise, which is a must. The fourth rule is; Let’s give our notary documents during the sale, transfer money when the sale process starts. Do not sign until you see your money in your account. In connection with the notary, but let them do these 4 golden rules. This sector is currently a very fast sector, everyone is turning to this. “Whether it is a civil servant or a worker, everyone is eager to sell cars, it is a popular profession for everyone.


Market value is 400 thousand TL! They made this


Speaking about the second-hand vehicle prices, Üstü said, “There has been a noticeable decrease in sales for the last 15-20 days. There is not a big drop in prices in general. We do not think that there will be a decrease in prices. Our friends who will buy a car should not expect it to fall too low. He said, “There is no chance of a price drop in an exaggerated way.”


He also gave information about sales, “Sales are currently weak. We brought our cars, but our sales are very weak. Now, when we enter the 12th month, dealers are making new campaigns. They organize new campaigns to sell new vehicles. Due to those campaigns, the price of second-hand vehicles decreases. I think it will be normal when we enter the new year. People now expect the price to drop in vehicles, but it doesn’t. Now, how can we give a vehicle bought for 100 thousand liras for 80-90 thousand liras. Nobody will give goods to their detriment ”.

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