Trump, in his post on his Twitter account, stated that he was fully informed about the cyber attacks on official institutions, “The cyber attack is actually much bigger than the fake news media.” he wrote.

Stating that everything is under control, Trump said, “Russia, Russia, Russia. This is the primary telling when anything happens, because the mainstream media are afraid (may be!) To discuss the possibility that China might be (behind the attacks) too, mostly for financial reasons. ” shared his expressions.


Critical warning for the USA!

Noting that strange voting machines may have been targeted during the November 3 presidential election, Trump said, “This situation (the elections) has become an even more corrupt embarrassment for the USA and clearly shows that I won.” claimed.

Trump’s post on Twitter was evaluated as contradicting the high-level statements in his cabinet regarding cyber attacks.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated on a radio show on Friday evening that they could say “quite clearly” Russia was behind the cyber attacks against the USA.

Last weekend, there were cyber attacks against the US Treasury, Trade and Homeland Security ministries and some government organizations, and it was claimed that the Russian administration was behind these attacks.

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