Although many cities around the world were shaken by the new waves of the epidemic, it was seen that young Wuhan residents mixed with the crowd, ate street food and filled the city’s nightclubs to make up for the time spent in quarantine.

Participants without a mask take to the streets and continue ‘partying’ and having fun.

In the images, it is seen that life is returning to its normal course and street musicians are making music.

It seems that the Chinese cuisine, which has received great reactions from the world and where discussions about its hygiene continue, has not been affected by the epidemic. It is also reflected in the photos that city residents do not give the necessary importance to the use of masks.

The revival of the nightlife economy, which is one of the sectors most affected by quarantine, offers a glimpse of the lifestyle of 2021, where many hopes are expected to come true, as Kovid-19 vaccines are launched globally.

Wuhan has not reported a new case of locally transmitted disease since May 10, after being subjected to one of the strictest 76 days of isolation worldwide.

The city of 11 million was closed to the rest of China with the quarantine that began on January 23; planes, trains and buses were prevented from entering the city. Approximately 3,900 of 4,634 Kovid-19 deaths recorded in China occurred in this industrial city.

Despite the revived nightlife, business and restaurant owners in Wuhan stated that time was still needed for the increase in turnover to reach the pre-quarantine days.

China first warned the World Health Organization of a “viral pneumonia” on December 31, when some patients were found to be vendors and shoppers in the market, the market was closed.

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