After the death of his teacher Akşemseddin, a tomb was built in the district of Göynük in 1463 by the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. In many parts of Turkey’s top visited the shrine gates from the year 2012 to get wet shoes left in the awning was installed at the door. The awning in the Akşemseddin Hazretleri Mausoleum was renewed 2 years ago. However, the French-style shape of the awning and its being mounted on the historical building drew reaction on social media.

Mayor of Göynük and Akşemseddin His Holiness Foundation President Ahmet Çankaya stated that they will replace the awning with an awning suitable for Turkish culture in the most enjoyable time and said, “At the moment, the awning is not original, but we will take it into consideration.

Bolu Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism officials stated that with the approval of the General Directorate of Foundations, Department of Protection of Cultural Heritage, all the necessary procedures were carried out within the scope of the need, and the awning was made without damaging the shoes of the citizen while entering the tomb.


The commemoration ceremonies of Hazrat Mevlana started quietly

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