The investigation of the Bundestag Parliamentary Control Committee (PKGr), which is responsible for the activities of the intelligence agencies in Germany, proved that there are structures related to the far-right in the German army.

PKGr prepared a report to reveal whether the far-right structures existed in the German army and to what extent the intelligence services knew about such networks and connections.

The report, which was completed within 2 years by examining hundreds of files and talking to a large number of people, revealed that there were structures linked to the extreme right in the German army and other security units.

In the report, it was pointed out that the far right in the German army and security units are in close contact with each other, and it was stated that these people met over the internet via social media, as well as on gun exchanges, during shooting training or at work.

In the report, which drew attention to the fact that these people had a significant interest in weapons in the chat environments made over the Internet, 8-point suggestions were made to the German government regarding the cooperation of the intelligence services in the fight against the far right.


PKGr Chairman and Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) MP Roderich Kiesewetter said in a statement in Berlin that there is no evidence for the time being of a “shadow army” plotting a coup in the country as part of the research.

Kiesewetter noted, however, that the German army and other security units had links with far-right organizations within the German army and that continuing such contacts was unacceptable.

Left Party PKGr Member Andre Hahn also criticized the Military Intelligence Service (MAD), saying, “The existence of the extreme right-wing problem in the German army has been denied. Until recently, MAD controlled lone people, but not far-right structures.” said.

Hahn also criticized that PGKr’s research was not fully disclosed to the public due to confidentiality.

The Green Party’s Konstantin von Notz also stated that the existence of structures linked to the far right in the German army and other security units was confirmed by this research.

Notz also noted that in the past, weapons and ammunition in the German army’s inventory were lost, and that they were very careless about weapons and ammunition.


Scandalous statement from Germany!

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