According to the latest evaluations, the northern parts of the country are very cloudy, the Black Sea coasts of the Thrace Section in the morning and the northern parts of the Western Black Sea Section and the Hatay surroundings, after noon, the coastal parts of Kırklareli and the Central and Eastern Black Sea coasts, after the evening hours. Artvin and Ardahan circles are rainy; other places are estimated to be partly cloudy and less cloudy. Rainfall is generally expected to be rain and downpour, sleet and snow in high parts of Kastamonu and Artvin, and light snow in Ardahan. In the morning and night hours, with haze and fog in parts of the Marmara Region and the inner and eastern parts of our country, icing and frost are expected in the east of Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia.

According to the estimates taken from the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is estimated that there will be no significant change in the air temperature and it will be 2-4 degrees above the seasonal normals in our country. It is estimated that the wind will generally blow from the north and northeast directions at light strength and occasionally with medium strength.


The expected weather conditions in some provinces and the highest temperatures of the day are as follows:

Ankara: Partly and slightly cloudy 8

Istanbul: Partly and very cloudy, early this morning the Black Sea coast of the European side is slightly rainy 11

Izmir: Partly and slightly cloudy 14

Adana: Partly cloudy in patches 19

Antalya: Partly and slightly cloudy 19

Samsun: Very cloudy, intermittent rainy 11

Trabzon: Very cloudy, intermittent rain after noon 13

Diyarbakır: Partly and slightly cloudy 11

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