The incident took place at 40811 Street in Hamidiye District. According to the information obtained, health, fire brigade and police teams were directed to the address upon the report that there was an explosion on the terrace floor of a 5-storey apartment building and the injured were found. The medical teams who came to the apartment, Hasan T. (21), O.Y. (17) and E.D (17). Three young people who had burns in different parts of their bodies who were taken to Beyşehir State Hospital by ambulances were transferred to Konya City Hospital after the first intervention in the emergency room. While evaluating the possibility that the explosion might be caused by gas compression due to the gas leaking from the picnic tubes, it was determined that the windows in the living room were broken as a result of the explosion, and the shattered frame and broken concrete wall pieces were scattered on the street.


He burned the house while he wanted to light the stove

On the other hand, fire brigade and police crime scene investigation teams also examined the terrace floor where the explosion took place. In the examination, it was learned that the tubes in the house were empty and there were exit gases in the room. It was learned that the exact cause of the explosion will be revealed after the technical examination. Investigation into the incident continues.

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