Everything Iranian dissidents living in exile in Sweden for 14 years Chaaban Habib started with the disappearance after arriving in Turkey. The mysterious chain of events behind Chaab’s disappearance was resolved with the MIT’s swift investigation.

As a result of the evidence obtained by the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), it has been revealed that the Iranian opposition name was trapped by the drug smuggler Zindashti under the control of Iranian intelligence using his ex-wife.

According to the information obtained, his ex-wife invited Chaab to Istanbul from Sweden with the promise to see him and to lend 100 thousand euros. Chaab came to an address in Beylikdüzü on October 9.

He got into the van that he thought his ex-wife was in. But he was knocked unconscious as soon as he got on. Zindashti’s men, who set out for Iran, reached Van via alternative routes and took Chaab to Iran.

According to the information in TRT News, the MIT, which deepened the investigation, destroyed the cell linked to Iranian intelligence. 11 people who worked for Zindaşti and were involved in the incident were identified and caught.


UAE agent caught in MIT operation


Naci Şerifi Zindaşti, who works for Iranian intelligence, is a dark name engaged in drug trafficking. Sentenced to death in Iran is received about fled to Turkey. In 2007 he tried in Turkey on charges of murder. Used as a secret witness by FETO member Zekeriya Öz.

In the following years, an indictment was prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of drug trafficking, establishing an armed crime organization, kidnapping and murder.

Zindaşti, who was asked for 4 aggravated life sentences and 24 years in prison, disappeared in 2018. It later appeared in Iran. Zindaşti stated that Turkey wanted by the criminal activities continued in Iran.


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