The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, the European Union (EU) said they thought he should continue dialogue with Turkey.

Maas, in Brussels, EU foreign ministers said in a statement after the meeting, “In principle, we believe that the EU must maintain dialogue with Turkey.” used the expression.


Critical sanctions signal to Turkey before the summit!

they’re looking for reconciliation between Germany and in Greece and Cyprus with Turkey, but Maas stating that it could not be achieved, “Turkey issue will be discussed at the EU Leaders Summit. There will be discussed the issue should be how the consequences of Turkey’s behavior.” said.

Maas, stressed the EU as they want to ensure consensus on how to give a response to the steps of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean.

Pointing out that it is clear that there will be no agreement on Brexit in the EU at any cost, Maas underlined that they definitely want to reach an agreement.

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