The Ministry of Health has started to open ‘Covid-19 Tracking Centers’ for the control and follow-up of the health status of patients with Covid-19. The centers that started pilot applications in Ankara and Eskişehir, in a fun short time in 30 health regions in 24 provinces; It is aimed to be widespread throughout the country later.

According to a written statement from the Ministry, the complications of patients who have had Covid-19 in the centers, if any, will be monitored for at least 2 years and possible health problems will be intervened early. At the same time, studies will be carried out on new policies to be determined to increase the quality of healthcare services for this disease. New methods will also be developed in the centers to provide a basis for scientific research.

The centers work entirely on a voluntary basis by invitation. Citizens with Covid-19 are called, invited to the center and an appointment is made. The health status of the person is evaluated and, if necessary, they are directed to the relevant fields of expertise. Thus, possible health problems are prevented by closely monitoring the long high quality effects of Covid-19.

There is no charge for transactions made at the centers. Patient admissions started at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Dışkapı Training and Research Hospital on December 1st and at Eskişehir City Hospital on December 8th.

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