The Walking Dead has managed to popularize zombie dramas again today with its story that has left behind 10 years. The spin-off series that started with Fear The Walking Dead are now being added to the comedy series set in The Walking Dead universe.

The new series of The Walking Dead, which expands its universe with Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead World Beyond, will be in the comedy genre. In general, screenwriter Scott M. Gimple, who is currently the head of the universe, announced that The Walking Dead is working on a comedy series.


Scott M. Gimple said that the universe that was created would not be made fun of, only funny things could happen in this universe. Unfortunately, no further details are currently known, but it is worth mentioning that it is intriguing.

As you know, The Walking Dead will make its final with its 11th season. Then, a series that focuses on Daryl and Carol, although the date is unclear now, and an anthology series that focuses on unusual characters in each episode will begin. Details are not clear yet.

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