Bulut, who made a statement at the press conference after the match played at the Ülker Stadium, stated that they had an unwanted defeat.

Stating that there is a lot to talk about the match, Bulut said, “It was a match we wanted to win. For some reason, when we look at the last 3 matches in our own home, we cannot reflect the performance we want on the field. we have to sit amongst ourselves, talk and solve. ” used expressions.

Underlining that Fenerbahçe cannot continue in this way, Bulut said, “We all have to tidy up. We talked about what options the opponent will try to come to us before the match. We ate goals from here, although we tried them. We were not good at evaluating. Mental. I think there is a problem. Football played today does not satisfy anyone. I apologize to all of our community. ” found the evaluation.


New Malatyaspor shock to Fenerbahçe

“This course definitely needs to change. The person who will change this is me, my team and my footballers.” Bulut said:

“For years, there is a problem of breaking in Fenerbahçe after an early goal. We tried to solve it. We are still working. Looking at the last 3 matches, we could not solve it. Although I told the opponent how to come to our pen, it was not enough to apply. It was not enough. You play in Fenerbahçe, but as I said, we have the responsibility. “

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