The incident took place in Hatipağatolu Village, Küme Evleri, in Aksaray. According to the information obtained, Zeki D. (39) gave a rifle and pistol to his three sons, aged 12-17 and 19, and shot them in front of their house in the village.

Zeki D., who gave a rifle to his two sons, 17 and 19 years old, and a pistol to his 12-year-old son, gave his children instructions to shoot. The father, who made his children do shooting practice with pistols and rifles without any security measures in the residential area, also shot the shooting drill himself with a phone camera and shared it on social media with the title “Drill before going to the military” and “They are already getting used to”. The father also shot himself with his children from time to time.


Aksaray Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, which detected the images shared on social media, took action under the coordination of Aksaray Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office. Gendarmerie teams, who detected the village and the house, raided the village house.

While father Zeki D. was caught and detained in the raid, the teams searched the house widely. In the search, 1 licensed gun, 2 unlicensed shotguns, 500 9 mm pistol cartridges and 2 shotgun cartridges were seized, while 10 shotgun capsules and 5 pistol cartridge cases were seized in the searches where the shot was made.


“Already getting used to it, my coach”

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