Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the European Union (EU) Summit of Leaders in relations with Turkey reported that they left a positive agenda and open channels of dialogue.

Conte evaluated the summit at the press conference after the EU Leaders Summit in Brussels.

Prime Minister Conte, stating that they refer carefully to Turkey at the summit, “we have negotiated here strictly to find a balanced solution.” said.

Emphasizing that they do not discriminate between EU member states one by one, Conte said, “We had to give Ankara a sign that we were not satisfied. For this reason, we determined a sanction regime that lists some individuals against provocative and unilateral initiatives that we cannot accept.” he spoke.

Conte, pointing to the importance of dialogue with Turkey, “also a positive agenda and all we have left open channels of dialogue with all this.” used the expression.

Prime Minister Conte, not for the vicious cycles in relations with Turkey, said they tried to lower blood pressure.

Conte also described the summit as “historic” due to the forward step towards embodying the rescue fund and “We achieved this by reaffirming the rule of law principle without compromising any of our principles.” found the evaluation.
Stating that they mentioned the need to strengthen coordination among member countries especially for the winter holiday period in the fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic, Conte said, “We emphasized the importance of a coordinated approach on vaccination. we will try to organize. ” he spoke.


Italian Prime Minister: The messages to be given to Ankara should be clear!

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