The wall of the black water pool within the facility was demolished as a result of the feared environmental disaster in the factory, which was requested to be closed on the grounds that it negatively affected the agenda of Balıkesir for a long time.

As the black waters flooded around, a heavy odor spread to the environment. Municipal police teams and District Gendarmerie Company Command kept a report on the issue and filed a criminal complaint to the prosecutor’s office. Environmentalists also reacted greatly to the incident, which caused a great destruction of nature.

Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office about the pomace factory, which evacuated the black water to the Nikita Creek and brought negative air pollution in the city. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization did not react to the cries rising from Ayvalık, and assigned the Air Quality Measurement Tool within the ministry to carry out measurements and analyzes at various points in the city for six months.

Emphasizing that the smoke or steam released from this facility, which processes the pomace of Ayvalık’s fresh air, makes the air of the city unbreathable on some nights, especially during the winter months, President Ergin said to the journalists, “The measuring tool made measurements for six months. The ministry will come to a conclusion as a result of the measurements that continue until the beginning of both summer and winter seasons. Our desire is for the factory to take the necessary precautions, to use a powerful smoke filter, and to treat the waste water at a drinkable level. Nobody wants a lock on the door of a facility serving the city. After six months, the measurement results will appear. We expect the factory authorities to respect the measurement results and take the necessary precautions ”.


Illegal structures on land in Bodrum went down to the bottom of the sea

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