Takahiro Shiraishi, who first sexually assaulted and then murdered suicidal women, whom he met on the social media platform Twitter in Japan, was judged. The court sentenced Shiraishi to death, who killed 8 women and the boyfriend of one of the women.

Police detained Shiraishi, known as the “Twitter killer”, in 2017 after finding nine human heads and 240 bones in his home. It was revealed that Shiraishi approached his suicidal victims via Twitter and offered to help them with their suicide requests, raping and murdering the women he trapped. Among the 9 victims of Shiraishi was the boyfriend of one of the women he sexually assaulted.

Using Twitter to lure suicidal women home, 30-year-old Shiraishi used two more interesting accounts. In one account, Shiraishi introduced himself as a ‘suicide guru’ who could help suicidal women die, while in the other account he presented himself as an orphan with whom he could enter into a mutual suicide pact. For this reason, the case started discussions about how suicide is an issue on the internet.

Shiraishi committed the murders from August 2017 to October 2017. Eight of the people killed were girls and women aged 15-26. The only man who was killed was the acquaintance of one of the women who disappeared, and Shiraishi killed him when he also suspected him.

Shiraishi’s lawyers argued that the women consented to be killed and therefore the accusations of the accused should be reduced.


Stating that she was sorry for killing the people she spent a lot of time with in the last hearing, Shiraishi apologized to the families of these people. Shiraishi stated that he did not regret the other people and said, “I’m just sorry that I was caught and failed. If I hadn’t been arrested, I wouldn’t have regretted anything.”

Chief Judge Naokuni Yano stated in a verdict Tuesday that “none of the victims agreed to be killed.”

Yano found the accused responsible for all the charges and sentenced him to death.


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