The incident took place at around 23:00 in the barracks on 227th Street in Boztepe District of Çankaya district. Allegedly, Serhat Tua, whom his family kicked out of the house, lit a fire to warm up in the shed where he had been with his friends for a while. As sparks from the fire ignited the shed, the locals, noticing the growing flames, rushed to help. Serhat Tua was trapped inside while 1 person was taken out by the local residents with injuries. Upon the notice, many police, fire brigade and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. While firefighters put out the fire in a short time, the medical teams took the injured to the hospital after the first response at the scene. In the examination made in the barracks, it was determined that Tua, who was trapped in the flames, died at the scene.


Neighborhood Senar Erçin, who took out the injured person in the fire, said, “There was a voice. The children said ‘there was a fire.’ We went in, there was smoke inside. We brought a hose, brought water. We took one of them out, we couldn’t get the other out. If they did not use substances, they would probably leave. We know that their fathers kicked them out of the house. They have been staying here for about 2-3 days. We warned, “Do not sit here, you will freeze.” They did not listen, they said, “Do not interfere with us.” We did not interfere after that. There was a stove and a sofa when we entered.

An investigation has been initiated regarding the incident.

Source: DHA

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